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Luiz Jose

2019-04-20 09:12:09 | Profile
Did you hit tadpole when I talk about you stop asking me nasty 2

Sasha Borron

2019-03-05 03:46:31 | Profile
riff is my best friend. get a hold of me and I will tell you my name and love you foever.

Theresa Casanares

2019-01-23 23:13:46 | Profile
The intro is hilarious.

C Shay

2018-11-02 01:35:55 | Profile
10 mil!!!! hel yeah! I was back on here when it was like 28 views LOL. GREAT ASS PHUCKING HIP HOP SONG, under rated as hell


2018-10-12 18:46:00 | Profile
I had to hear this everytime there was a line to be snorted. Had to.

Супорт Енигма

2018-10-12 07:44:44 | Profile
U harlord Justine and the rest pete get rhechell off of my stuff u fucked up not me u just lost my kids and my house im 38 and alysia not 18

ɆȺŧ Ƀøđɨɇs

2018-10-10 20:11:23 | Profile
That chick with the gun in her mouth is so hot.