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easybro Bruv

2019-09-25 18:51:11 | Profile
When I was a little kid my dad said he was saying scented candles not sex lol

Остров Крым

2019-09-10 03:33:37 | Profile
You mean you smell sex and drug not candy


2019-08-02 05:25:45 | Profile
Anyone ever find out who was that lounging in his chair?

Камилла Топоркова

2019-05-20 03:24:07 | Profile
Nice song, but his voice sounds really douchey. Part of me wants to smack him.

Jose Silveira

2019-03-07 18:49:54 | Profile
Look back in the 90s and see how tech has affected society for the worst dont get men wrong tbey cam fuck many women faster now but spreads nasty shit faster and girls want plastic inside them more than ever

Martin Mauriño

2019-02-21 04:08:53 | Profile
I like this song because of how the singer looks.

kenny glover

2019-02-06 04:14:09 | Profile
Candy and cookies are sex parts!